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    How to remove the plaster so that it doesn't hurt

    2020-08-17 15:39:01 浙江鼎泰药业股份有限公司 Viewd 446

    As long as the cotton swab is dipped in "baby oil" and gently probe the side where the plaster is in contact with the skin, the plaster will peel off naturally.

    The plaster on the leg hurts when it peels off. Especially for men with heavier body hair, it is the most terrifying. How can the plaster be removed without pain? In fact, it's very simple. Just dip a cotton swab with "baby oil" and gently probe the side of the plaster that is in contact with the skin. In this way, the plaster will peel off naturally. Moreover, it will be very clean without leaving any traces. Why is it so effective to remove plaster with a cotton swab? Because the plaster has a lot of small voids,'baby oil' can create a space between the plaster and the skin, and the adhesive force is small. But you must remember that you must not use salad oil when applying this trick, because salad oil is harmful to the body.