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    Zhejiang Dingtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Located in the Economic Development Zone of Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province

    Main products include western medicine, Chinese patent medicine, raw material medicine, medical equipment, sanitary auxiliary materials, Chinese medicine decoction pieces and Chinese medicine extract

    Founded in


    Located in

    Tongxiang, Zhejiang

    Total land area


    Products exported to


    Strive to build the country's largest production base for external medicines with complete categories and most varieties

    Product sales all over the world

    Large-scale production and branded management have won Dingtai Pharmaceuticals a broad sales network and a stable market share
    Product sales all over the world dingtai


    Dingtai Pharmaceutical provides a fair competition opportunity and environment, and constantly improves the salary appraisal and performance evaluation work to motivate employees to realize their personal values and pursuits!
    Welcome people of insight to join our team to develop and create brilliance together >>